Baltic Reports: Weekend Edition

Yes, Cannibal Corpse is a death metal band. Imagine that? Photo by Ririko.

After largely taking last weekend off entertainment-wise, the Baltic states are offering a fully-stocked line-up of events the upcoming week.

For big Western acts, Riga sees the return of living legend DJ Tiesto while death-metal rockers Cannibal Corpse thrash their way through all three countries. Lithuania is holding the largest country music festival in the Baltics and there are dance and opera festivals in Estonia.

Oh wait, there’s more! The Lithuanian coast showcases the excellent Satta Outside underground music festival, Riga gets even more salsa and Estonia even more blues.

Easily the best week of this month for music, there’s really anything you could want to see playing live — metal, commercial trance, country, salsa, rock, dubstep. Brave the heat and enjoy.


Aug. 13-14

Visaginas Country Festival

Visaginas Municipal Stadium, Visaginas

The annual country music festival features no big hitters on the line-up this time around, i.e. nobody from the New World where the music is from. But if the regional country acts make you want to put on your cowboy boots and start square dancing away, everything’s ok! Tickets: 20-30 litai (€5.80-€8)

Aug. 13-15

Satta Outside

Šventoji Beach, Šventoji

Satta, easily Vilnius’ best after-hours joint that’s intentionally hidden in an unmarked courtyard and on par with any ultra-hip Berlin or London DJ spot on a good night is putting on its annual festival this year, which has grown steadily since its 2007 debut. Featuring a lengthy roster of regional underground DJs, hip-hop and other types of music, let’s just say if you like alternative music at all you won’t be disappointed. Tickets: 70-85 litai (€20-€24.60) for all three days

Aug. 13-17

St. Christopher Festival

Various locations, Vilnius

The never-ending St. Christopher Festival is bringing in an Ella Fitzgerald tribute act, bossa nova and Chopin this week to Vilnius. Always classy. Ticket prices vary by show, check the website for more info

Aug. 17, 6 p.m.

Cannibal Corpse

New York Club, Vilnius

The American metal band Cannibal Corpse, and yes, the music lives up to the name, will tear a new hole into the New York Club, a good venue for this sort of group considering it’s located in the middle of squalid, concrete Soviet-era apartment block misery on the north side of the river. Headbangers in black will love it. Tickets: 60 litai (€17.30)


Aug. 13-14

Riga Salsa Festival

Various locations, Riga

That’s right, Rigans are having another salsa festival. Hey, if you’ve ever gone to Danču Klubs, you’ll never wonder why. Featuring live music, lessons and a dance contest, this salsa festival is a must for Latin dance enthusiasts. Ticket price varies by location

Aug. 13-14

Fontaine Festival

Various locations, Liepāja

The Fontaine Festival, named after the hotel chain and not the crooner character in The Godfather, brings another indie rock festival to showcase acts the moribund music industry can’t/won’t bother with like Skyforger, Phonomik and some guy actually named Louie Fontaine. Hey, can’t beat the price. Tickets: 5 lats (€7)

Aug. 18, 8 p.m.

Cannibal Corpse

Melnā Piektdiena, Riga

Stop No. 2 on the death metal group’s pan-Baltic tour. Tickets: 10 lats (€14)

Aug. 19, 7 p.m.

Francis Goya

Riga Congress Centre, Riga

The Belgian classical guitar prodigy is in Riga on Thursday, providing the perfect music (che passion!) for a hot date. Tickets: 12-25 lats (€17-€35)

Aug. 19, 11 p.m.

DJ Tiesto

Club Essential, Riga

The world’s top-rated DJ is back. Yes, Tiesto was just in Riga this spring but given how the massive amount of local support it’s no surprise he’s returning already. 18 and over only. Tickets: 15 lats (€21)


Aug. 13-14

August Blues

Various locations, Haapsalu

Featuring Dave Benton and the Texan axeslinger Lance Lopez, the August Blues festival is arguably the best of a number of regional blues events. Ticket prices vary depending on which shows you attend

Aug. 14-21

Brigitta Festival

Monastery ruins, Pirita

Ballet and opera shows starting Saturday and continue into the next week at a most atmospheric locale, the monastery ruins in Pirita. Tickets vary by performance

Aug. 14-28

International Contemporary Dance Festival

Various locations, Tallinn

Modern dance shows featuring troupes from all over Europe being a two-week series of shows this Saturday, kicking off with Norway’s Hooman Sharifi. Tickets prices vary by show.

Aug. 19, 7 p.m.

Cannibal Corpse

Tapper Club, Tallinn

Stop No. 3 on the death metal group’s pan-Baltic tour. Tickets: 295-350 krooni (€19-€22.50)

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