Are you ready for an e-song festival?

This year Estonia gets its first e-song festival. Photo by Egon Tintse.

TALLINN — Whether it’s e-government, e-voting or e-prescriptions from doctors, Estonia seems it can’t get digital enough.

Now, the country is planning it’s first e-song festival, so to speak, uniting its traditional song festivals with its digital craze for the first time in history.

The digital song festival will take place in August 20, when Estonia celebrates its independence day. The main choir will perform eight widely-known patriotic songs in a small town Põltsamaa, located at the center of Estonia. The performance will be shown by Estonian private TV channel Kanal2, but at the same time many other choirs and people sing along in hundreds of other locations.

Each events will be shown over the Internet and on a major screen at the Freedom Square in Tallinn.

Anyone wishing to particiopate at the song event can register online at

Artur Talvik, a film producer and one of the organizers told BNS that the idea is to unite two strengths that Estonia has- the song festival and internet services with “organizing an event where anyone who wants to sing can do that as a cross-country choir anywhere in Estonia.

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