Kosovo hires Navirec

TALLINN — Estonian GPS and monitoring system company Navirec won a state procurement from Europe’s newest nation Kosovo to provide 5,000 state cars with tracking devices, even though Navirec had the most expensive offer.

The contract between 100 percent Estonian-owned Navirec and the Kosovar government will be signed Friday, and 2,600 cars will have the devices installed on by December this year. The company provides Navirec GPS systems and the monitoring service meant for industrial use, by enabling the state to monitor the cars and provide an overview of the history of the trips made with the car.

Silver Laus, major shareholder of Navirec OÜ told Äripäev that if everything goes well, then the company could get hold of another 5,000 state cars in the future. However the cost of the procurement was not revealed.

“The procurement details are confidential until the contract will be signed, but I can tell that it is not the least expensive but one of the most expensive proposals,” Laus said.

He explained that the winner was not chosen by price, but by the service content.

Estonia along with the other two Baltic states recognizes Kosovo, which declared independence from Serbia in 2008, although nearby Russia and Belarus do not. Lithuania has signed a mutual defense treaty with the breakaway region but Estonia has no plans to.

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2 Responses for “Kosovo hires Navirec”

  1. A.Krasniqi says:

    I´ll be surprised to know with wich money they will pay??? Did Kosovo need that kind of tracking?? Kosovo Goverment playing with electronics.. In another side: Citizens without jobs and food….
    Good Luck Young Kosova!! I think: Investing some Money in Infrastructure, in Anticorruption law and in Justice will be better.

  2. […] BalticReports.com ka bërë të ditur edhe pse Navirec kishte ofertën më të madh, ajo është shpallur fituese dhe kontrata do të nënshkruhet gjatë ditës së premte, kurse deri në dhjetor të këtij viti pritet që 2.600 automjete zyrtare të kenë pajisje të instaluara në ta. Kompania ofron sisteme Navriec GPS dhe shërbime monitoruese që kanë shfrytëzim industrial, duke iu mundësuar shteteve që të monitorojnë automjetet e tyre dhe të ofrojnë një mbikëqyrje të historisë së udhëtimeve të bëra me ato automjete. […]

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