Drug lab worth millions busted in Tallinn

Some of the narcotics lab equipment police found. Photo by the Police and Border Guard.

TALLINN — Estonia’s Police and Border Guard announced Thursday that a drug laboratory in Tallinn where large quantities of amphetamine and GHB were produced was busted earlier this week.

Three people, an 18-year old named Anatoli, a 40-year old named Ruslan and one juvenile girl were detained Monday for illegally dealing with narcotic substances. Anatoli and Ruslan (their last names were not released by police) were taken in custody on Tuesday to avoid committing further crimes.

Different containers of liquids and powders, but also large amounts of chemicals used for making narcotic substances and equipment were found during the search. A 0.5 liter plastic bottle with liquid which according to a test was psychotropic substance GHB and amphetamine was found in Ruslan’s vehicle.

Veiko Germann, Police and Border Guard criminal offense department commissar told the press that “eliminating such drug labs is important as drugs worth of millions of krooni would have access to the streets from such places while destroying people’s health.”

State prosecutor Andres Ülviste said in a statement to the press that several of such drug labs have been eliminated during recent years, and the people connected to it have earned long jail sentences.

The exact amount of narcotics found and street value has not been released by authorities yet.

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