Another storm ravages Lithuania

The sky over Vilnius is illuminated by lighting at 12:35 a.m. Monday morning as the storm hit. Photo by Nathan Greenhalgh/Baltic Reports

VILNIUS — The second violent storm to hit Lithuania this month caused power outages throughout the country including the cities of Kaunas and Šiauliai and felled numerous trees.

The storm hit late Sunday evening, with the strongest winds being recorded in Kaunas at 20 m/s. On Monday about 4,000 households were without power, all of which are expected to be back online by the end of the day according to the Fire and Rescue Department.

Thankfully no injuries or deaths were reported as a result of this storm. The Aug. 8 storm claimed the lives of four campers after trees felled by the high winds landed on their tents.

The storm system, which blew off the Baltic Sea, also hit Kaliningrad but weakened significantly before entering northwestern Belarus and southeastern Latvia on Monday. Estonia was not affected.

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