Alleged Toompark killer caught, confesses

A police sketch of the Toompark assault and murder suspect by the Police and Border Guard Board.

TALLINN — A man who is suspected for attacking two women, killing one, in downtown Tallinn last November was arrested Thursday and has confessed to the crime.

A male Estonian citizen named Vjatšeslav, 28 of Tallinn, allegedly attacked two women with a baseball bat on Nov.23 last year around 8 a.m. at Toompark in Tallinn’s Old Town, in the vicinity of the Shnelli Pond and Patkuli Stairs. One woman, 34 years old, died in Mustamäe Hospital from wounds sustained in the attack on Nov. 25. The suspect may face 8 years to life in jail if found guilty by the Harju Country Court. As is standard practice, police are not releasing Vjatšeslav’s last name.

Endla Ülviste, leading prosecutor at Northern Prosecutor’s Office told reporters at the press conference Sunday that Vjatšeslav admitted his culpability in the assault. Although he has no criminal record, Ülviste said Vjatšeslav is suspected of two other criminal offenses, but would not give further details.

The police said it is too early to speculate on his motives on the murder, as the investigation is still going on. They did confirm that Vjatšeslav is not related to the suspects. The attack seemed to be random.

Vjatšeslav may face 8 to 20 year or a lifetime in prison, if found guilty.

Police said that one of the reasons Vjatšeslav took so long to apprehend during the nine month investigation is that he has no permanent residence, living in various places in Tallinn as he could not afford his own place.

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