Lithuanian jailed after robbery spree

NORWICH, England — A 26-year-old Lithuanian man was sentenced to seven and a half years in prison by a U.K. court last week for taking part in over 90 burglaries in eastern England.

On Thursday the Norwich court found Edmundas Tamošauskas guilty of conspiracy to burgle and conspiracy to disguise criminal property. Police say Tamošauskas was a member of a gang of burglars that committed 92 burglaries, including stealing automobiles and breaking into residences in Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex.

“With every inquiry, we found more crimes and new leads in other locations. The case just kept getting bigger and bigger. This was organized crime on a massive scale,” Detective Constable Neal Carr told the Eastern Daily Press newspaper. “This was a highly organized, professional operation involving a number of people and, had we not stopped them, there is every reason to believe this would have continued.”

After evidence including his fingerprints on the false license plate of a stolen car and DNA in one of the robbed homes was presented to the court during his four day trial last week, Tamošauskas admitted his guilt.

Operating at night, the gang would burglarize homes at night while the residents were asleep. The gang shipped much of its loot to Lithuania, including an undetermined number of automobiles with false registrations.

Despite Tamošauskas’ conviction, other members of the gang have neither been identified nor apprehended. The case remains under investigation.

The conviction is the latest of a series of crimes committed by Lithuanians in the U.K.

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