The spectacle that is the World Poker Tour

Know more about this card game tournament that has the world watching.

The high stakes poker tournaments that are presented by the World Poker Tour (also known as “WPT”) began a resurgence via the method in which the social game is played followed, enjoyed, and viewed. Even if the World Series of Poker (WSOP) was already broadcasting its games years before the WPT did, the card game was enhanced with the addition of “WPT cams”. These are cameras which are positioned around the table so that the audience and the viewers watching on TV could tell what hands the players have. This series of tournaments also enticed people to learn how to play the game for their shot at fame and fortune.

Steven Lipscomb is the CEO of the World Poker Tour, and he thought about the concept of broadcasting televised poker tournaments on cable television back in February 2002. When this concept became a reality and an instant success, other similar ideas came to light, and influenced the casinos that previously dismissed poker to reopen their poker rooms. Today, aside from seeing professional card players, there are people from all walks of life trying to compete. These include actors, mathematicians, software engineers, rocket scientists, other CEOs, and even millionaires. It is also refreshing to witness an amateur player defeating a veteran, because it goes to show that anyone can win this game.

Antanas "Tony G" Guoga playing poker.

The World Poker Tour sets up card game events in various locations around the world. This is where professional poker players like the Estonian Janar Kiivramees from Team Partypoker and Tony G from Lithuania began appearing in tournaments. As more online poker rooms and casinos are welcoming the WPT, the event staff have devised tournament schedules known as seasons. 2004 was also the year where the World Poker Tour introduced the Professional Poker Tour. In this event, the prerequisite for entering depends on the player’s successes in past card games.
One more innovation that encourages people to play in the WPT is the satellite tournaments which are hosted by different casinos. Whoever wins in these satellite events get to win a free seat in the WPT event they want to join, instead of paying the entry fee.

With all of these revolutions, how can poker fans go wrong with the entertainment value of the World Poker Tour?

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