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The Baltic Reports website has a number of features that allow users to interact with the site, authors and each other.

Viewing photographs

Baltic Reports utilizes Viva Zoom technology for the photos contained in articles. To see a larger version of any of our article photos, just click on the photo and it will enlarge. Then you can click image and drag the large version of the photo anywhere on the page you like so you can continue reading while being able to look back at the large version of the photo. Just click or use and arrow key to send the photo back to its original size and place. If there’s more than one photo in the article to choose from, after blowing it up you can switch from one to another by pressing the up or down arrow key.

Questions, concerns, suggestions

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions about Baltic Reports editorial coverage please email Editor Nathan Greenhalgh at and he will respond as quickly as his busy schedule allows.

Comment posting policies

Baltic Reports website users are encouraged post comments at the bottom of stories. We welcome any new insights you can bring into a current events and issues. This is one of the best parts of online journalism — the journalist is no longer an inaccessible printed name or a signal beamed in from television or radio studio but someone you can readily interact with. Don’t be afraid to disagree with or criticize our writers. Baltic Reports welcomes both disagreement and praise, especially in the opinion section.

When you reach the end of an article, go to the comment form and enter in a username, email address and if you like, your website. Comments will be approved by the website administrator before posting.

Comments that are off-topic, advertise other websites or contain abusive language will not be posted. Repeat offenders will have their IP addresses blocked.

Facebook and Twitter

Join our Facebook and Twitter pages for updates on story headlines. Users of the Facebook group can also engage in discussions with other readers about topical issues reported in the news.

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