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Blog Roll is a Baltic Reports service that brings the cream of the Baltic blogosphere to you in a central format, giving you access to a wider and more intimate type of information not available in standard news articles. Articles from blogs will be posted here, along with information on the author. A list of other recommended blogs are included.

These blogs are made by independent journalists and interest group members in the region. Blog Roll gives readers a chance to hear another opinion and follow up and it gives bloggers a larger audience to get their message out. No money is exchanged between parties, rather the websites featured are chosen by the Baltic Reports staff out of genuine interest.

The best Blog Roll pieces are put on the front page in the Opinion section to give the authors additional exposure.

Feel free to comment on the posts and start reacting with the authors.

Current contributing blogs include:

Baltic Features — maintained by British ex-pat and full-time journalist Mike Collier, the blog section of Baltic Features covers both high-profile current events as well as personal observations with humor and insight.

Free Speech Emergency in Latvia, Latvian Telecoms and Failed State Latvia — these three blogs are all run by the Latvian-American powerhouse blogger Juris Kaža, who writes about tamer subjects like the telecom industry in Latvia and then hot-button ones like free speech restrictions and no-holds-barred criticism of government policy.

With a Grain of Druska — Alan Hendrixson, the English language editor for academic journals Acta Orientalia (Vilnius University), Aviacija/Aviation (Vilnius Gedimino Technical University), and Ethnicity Studies (Demographic Research Centre), blogs about his life in Lithuania, education, crime, this, that and some other things. Sporadically updated but sometimes a worthwhile read.

Itching for Eestimaa — observations on current events and life in general in Estonia by the always insightful Justin Petrone.

T.C. Pohlmann — the multi-lingual Thorsten Chr. Pohlmann, hailing from Germany, covers Latvian politics and military capability. In addition to an adept blogger, Pohlmann is an excellent photographer and freelance foreign correspondent available for assignment.

Estonia Today — Abdul Turay unflinchingly covers ethnic tension, current events and mishaps in the smallest Baltic state, Estonia.

Other recommended blogs:

Vello Vikerkaar — hilarious! dishes up the latest news along with candid personal commentary on being an ex-pat in Estonia in an engaging, sly voice.

Edward Lucas — The Economist’s top expert on the Baltic states. Always incisive.

F—— Latvia — if you don’t mind a ton of cussing, it’s very funny.

Eastern Approaches — covers Eastern Europe but often features Edward Lucas’ commentary on the Baltics.

Baltic Economy Watch — Baltic Economy Watch is a blog, run by Claus Vistesen and Edward Hugh, which is dedicated to following the day-to-day progress of the economies of the three Baltic States.


Baltic Reports cannot be held responsible for any content on other websites. Views expressed on other websites listed in the Blog Roll in no way represent the Baltic Reports company.

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