Šlesers, Šķēle suggest nullifying IMF, EU deal

RIGA — Latvia’s oligarchic duo, newly merged and currently on a tour around the country, has suggested that the government should cancel its agreement with international lenders such as the IMF and EU.

Andris Šķēle and Ainars Šlesers believe that the three-year €7.5 billion bailout agreement has shackled the government’s possibility to maneuver as it struggles to resuscitate the country’s moribund economy.

“This idea of the economy having

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2 Responses for “Šlesers, Šķēle suggest nullifying IMF, EU deal”

  1. Harry Callan says:

    Brilliant idea – scrap the loan.!Of course Latvia will have to pay back the money it has taken so far, but in order to do so it could perhaps take out a loan. Problem solved.

  2. Zaglis Ainars says:

    All those two care about are their business interests. They are in politics so they adapt state of Latvia to make more money. Most of current misery is caused by actions of such people like these two criminals. Scrapping the loan would be an easy option as they would not be responsible for their deeds anyway. Business as usual. Stealing as usual. Latvia is a pathetic state run by criminals like Šlesers and Škele.

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